Don’t get confused. You hear that churches are closed. Ministers arrested. Easter can’t be celebrated. It is all fake news. Not fake news that people are getting tickets for sitting in the parking lot and listening to their pastor on the FM radio, that is real. Five hundred dollars per person real.  

The fake part is they can’t close down the church. The church is hidden in plain sight in front of everyone. The church is you. The steeple house, tabernacle, meeting room, sanctuary is just that, it is a building. A location that has no special significance other than the fact that it is a convenient place to get out of the rain (or in Wisconsin the snow). 

There is no sacred geography except that which is in your heart. Your innermost part is the residence of The Spirit of God. No one can steal it, close it, occupy it or force you to leave it. In fact, even if you are killed you merely transfer your existence from this dimension to the next. To be absent from the body is to be present with Christ, Paul said. 

In this life we walk as he walked, we do good to all men, we serve rather than be served and we make disciples of all nations. So, while I applaud the government’s attempts to keep us safe, I want you who are blood bought, water baptized, and Spirit filled believers to be the church. The called-out ones who are the hope of the world, when they are doing the will of The Father. 

So, in the quarantine, be essential, because you are essential. Fear not for He is with us. Think eternal for you are eternal. We look forward to the blessed hope of Christ’s return. Let Him find us faithful and ready.