Because what you believe matters

We believe we are called from darkness to light, from death to life and from being lost to being found. Encountering Jesus Christ has allowed us to love and experience the love of God in a personal way that has made old things like selfishness and addictions fall away and all things become new. Being reconciled to God has allowed us to also be reconciled to each other. We have entered a community that is referred to as the Body of Christ made up of those who have trusted Jesus for forgiveness and have experienced new life in following Him in obedience.

We believe that we’re not here to condemn our culture or simply survive it. We’re here to bless it for God’s glory. We invest in people because God loved them so much, He sent His only begotten son to save them in their need. We model His love by doing good to all men as representatives of Jesus Christ.


Our Most Important Beliefs

  1. God is and is the source of all other things.
  2. God has Spoken to us in a trustworthy and understandable way. We call this Book, The Bible.
  3. We are Separated from God and other people, because of our selfish acts.
  4. Jesus is the only way back to relationship with God and other people.
  5. The Church is people; it makes the life of Jesus real though a commitment to and a trust in God and one another.


Our Distinctive Beliefs

  1. God Heals people physically and spiritually in response to prayer.
  2. The Fullness of The Holy Spirit is something every follower of Christ should desire and seek after and expect to receive.

This fullness allows the exercise of spiritual gifts to build up the church:

It enables us to live in one heart and one mind with other Christ followers.
It enhances our ability to worship God.
It empowers us to preach the Gospel.
It purifies us and sets us apart to follow God’s Commands.

Here you can find The Sixteen Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God:  https://ag.org/Beliefs/Statement-of-Fundamental-Truths

Love God, Love Others


Christian Life Assembly of God
1161 Simon Crestway, Waunakee, WI 53597
Office Phone: 608-849-4577


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