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Sunday’s @ 10AM

We believe God does not intend for us to live life alone. We gather together as friends and “family” but in fact, we are more than just “family”, as believers, we are the Body of Christ. We understand that each of us has a part and place in this body. We are empowered by His Word and we seek to build one another up for the plan God has for each of us. As a church, it is our goal to provide opportunities to encounter the Living God with worship that is relevant, prayer that is powerful and teaching that stands firmly on the Word of God. We believe the church is empowered by God to exercise the gifts of the Spirit (healing, prophecy, wisdom, etc.) to help each other become all that God wants us to be. We exist to bring glory to God, we live to praise Him and to be Jesus to a watching world. We invite you to join in our community. 



You can expect friendly people, an informal setting and a passionate pursuit of God. Our worship service includes: contemporary music, informal prayer, short inspirational videos and life relevant sermons. You will find people dressed anywhere from suits and dresses to jeans and t-shirts.


Yes, we take an offering during our Sunday morning service. The Church is supported primarily by regular attenders. They donate money and time because they see this as their spiritual family. They do all they can to help the church accomplish its message of doing good and spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Do I have to give?

No one has to give. In fact, we encourage folks to give only if they can give joyfully. If you feel pressured or unwilling to give, please don’t. We rely on God for our support and welcome those who want to help. It is our privilege to give to God and His church.


Our prayer team members are available for prayer during each worship service at the front during the music portion of the service. Simple go up and they would be happy to pray for you. If you need prayer outside of that window, ask an usher and they will connect you with a prayer team member. You can ask for prayer at any time.


No, dress comfortably. You will find people dressed anywhere from suits and dresses to jeans and t-shirts.


We practice open communion. Any person who has trusted Jesus for forgiveness and committed their life to following Him is welcome to take part. The Lord’s supper is a symbolic remembrance of Christ’s death. We use grape juice (the fruit of the vine) and matza (a Jewish unleavened flat bread). The pastor directs when the bread and juice are to be taken. We emphasize during our celebration of communion how we are the body of Christ,  that we should reflect on our relationships being right with one another and impact of the death and sacrifice of Jesus.



August – September 2020 Teaching Series

In studying the Book of Exodus we encounter the larger than life character Moses and follow the escape and travels of the children of Israel. The have suffered as slaves of the pharaoh for hundreds of years. They do what they are told and are treated like assets and not human beings. Their basic needs of food and housing are provided for but little else. When they threaten the establishment with their great numbers they are forced to sacrifice their children to the Egyptian God’s to keep their population down. They cry out and God hears. He appoints the reluctant Moses to lead them out of slavery and into the promised land. This takes forty years, not because of the distance or the difficulties, but because of the reluctance of the Israelites to give up their slave mentality and to trust God. In this book we find ourselves. Liberated from slavery, but finding it difficult to come into the fullness of what God has for us. We focus on our limitations instead of God’s provision. Our trials cause us to look longingly back to “the fleshpots of Egypt”.  In Moses, the Israelites and ourselves the question always is will we stay in darkness or will we walk in the light as he is in the light.

Sunday, August 23

Where Is God When Seasons Change?

We all go through different times of life, indeed countries go through different periods of prosperity and setbacks. The thing to remember is that God is with us in the times. We fixate on the situation, we should focus on the foundation.

Sunday, August 30

Called Out (For Service)

God has called us out like He called Moses with the burning bush. He has not called us for our own benefit alone. It is that we might bring liberation and blessings to others.

Sunday, September 6

Pride Kills

When I was young, people said speed kills. It had a double meaning. Driving too fast was dangerous and speed the drug was also deadly. I would like to say pride kills more people than either. People who will not take advice, listen to their doctors or ask for help all find themselves eventually in dangerous waters. Then there are those who refuse to listen to God. Not that do not know God exists or that God has spoken, but who refuse to do what He has asked them to do. They have become their own god.

Sunday, September 13

Christian Polytheism

Many Christians behave as if there is only one god. The Egyptians worshiped many gods interwoven with nature. The plagues brought their gods into disrepute. The reality is there are many Gods and they all want us to follow them and obey them and worship them. This is what The Bible means when it says you shall have no other God’s before me. There are many spiritual and not so spiritual powers, we need to align our selves with the only true God, who also is the only one who has truly loved us.

Sunday, September 20

A Pillar of Fire by Night

God guides us. When the children of Israel were in the desert they did not rely on a map or memorized instructions and they certainly did not have GPS. God gave them a pillar of fire by night and a pillar of cloud by day and when it moved they moved and when it stopped they stopped. He then gave them a list of rules and the beginnings of a book. That book, The Bible has become the guide for all those who want to know where God is going and are willing to submit themselves to him.

Sunday, September 27

Rules for Life

The ten commandments are God’s rules for life. They are embedded in a bigger list of 613 laws given to the Jews and are later summarized by Jesus into two and then one commandment. The great commandment it has been called. The rules are just not you will get in trouble if you don’t do them. They are more like follow these rules to stay out of trouble and prosper in all areas of your life. Sound like a magic formula. It almost is, it is God’s owner’s manual for you and your life.

How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver. Proverbs 16:16


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