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Sunday’s @ 10AM

We believe God does not intend for us to live life alone. We gather together as friends and “family” but in fact, we are more than just “family”, as believers, we are the Body of Christ. We understand that each of us has a part and place in this body. We are empowered by His Word and we seek to build one another up for the plan God has for each of us. As a church, it is our goal to provide opportunities to encounter the Living God with worship that is relevant, prayer that is powerful and teaching that stands firmly on the Word of God. We believe the church is empowered by God to exercise the gifts of the Spirit (healing, prophecy, wisdom, etc.) to help each other become all that God wants us to be. We exist to bring glory to God, we live to praise Him and to be Jesus to a watching world. We invite you to join in our community. 



You can expect friendly people, an informal setting and a passionate pursuit of God. Our worship service includes: contemporary music, informal prayer, short inspirational videos and life relevant sermons. You will find people dressed anywhere from suits and dresses to jeans and t-shirts.


Yes, we take an offering during our Sunday morning service. The Church is supported primarily by regular attenders. They donate money and time because they see this as their spiritual family. They do all they can to help the church accomplish its message of doing good and spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

Do I have to give?

No one has to give. In fact, we encourage folks to give only if they can give joyfully. If you feel pressured or unwilling to give, please don’t. We rely on God for our support and welcome those who want to help. It is our privilege to give to God and His church.


Our prayer team members are available for prayer during each worship service at the front during the music portion of the service. Simple go up and they would be happy to pray for you. If you need prayer outside of that window, ask an usher and they will connect you with a prayer team member. You can ask for prayer at any time.


No, dress comfortably. You will find people dressed anywhere from suits and dresses to jeans and t-shirts.


We practice open communion. Any person who has trusted Jesus for forgiveness and committed their life to following Him is welcome to take part. The Lord’s supper is a symbolic remembrance of Christ’s death. We use grape juice (the fruit of the vine) and matza (a Jewish unleavened flat bread). The pastor directs when the bread and juice are to be taken. We emphasize during our celebration of communion how we are the body of Christ,  that we should reflect on our relationships being right with one another and impact of the death and sacrifice of Jesus.



April – May 2020 Teaching Series

Jesus used many techniques when he trained his disciples. He taught, he questioned, and he modeled. One of the ways he communicated life changing truth was parables. A parable is a story with a point. It may be possible to find multiple points in a single presentation, but it is safest to look for the one main point that Jesus was trying to make. They are not allegorical or esoteric in the traditional sense. They were messages given to the masses who followed Jesus usually with an obvious point. Sometimes Jesus clearly explains what that point is, usually to his disciples. In this series of six messages we will look at six parables and their obvious meaning. We will also give background of the situation in the time of Jesus for better understanding. Finally, the parable will be approached with how it should be applied in our life and you should be listening and praying as to how it should be applied personally to your life.

Sunday, May 31

Good Dirt, Good Garden

In the parable of the sower Jesus talks about the soil types affecting the harvest. Unlike the dirt, we can change. We are not fatalistically trapped as bad ground. We will discuss hinderances to knowing God and how we can become more receptive to his word. Jesus alone had the words of life, but as we take them in, they change us.

Sunday, June 7

The Quality of Mercy Isn't "Strain'd"

We are not constrained (forced) to be forgiving, but if we are forgiven, we recognize the need to forgive. If God can deal graciously with us, so we to ought to deal with other people. Jesus and Stephen said of those who were killing them, forgive them. How is your forgiveness meter doing?

Sunday, June 14

Grace Is Received - Not Demanded

In the third of our Parables, from the Jesus the Storyteller series, we deal with fairness. It is true that The Bible speaks a lot about justice. The reality is that most of us are smart enough to not want what is coming to us. Instead we want grace and mercy. Forgiveness, pardon and a second chance dominate our thoughts. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget and think we are allowed lecture God on how He has not been fair with us.

Sunday, June 21

Whose Religion Is This Anyway?

The fourth parable in our series deals with the issue of religion. Finney said that religion is man’s response to God. Sometimes that response becomes a rigid demand based on our narrow experience. It may start as well intentioned but ends with in conflict with God himself. God is in charge we are not. We need to submit to him and not dictate to Him.

Sunday, June 28

Called and Chosen

The parable of the wedding feast deals with two issues. The first is no one wants to come. Everyone is happy not being inconvenienced by following the king’s instructions. Secondly, once people have come to the party, they are only interested in what they can get and not with an attitude of deference or respect to the king. In all, the question is one of obedience. Will we come when He calls, and will we conform when He instructs. Otherwise, we are ejected from the party.

Sunday, July 5

Talented or Fulfilled

In the last parable sermon of this series we deal with the gifts God has entrusted us with. Not just money, which is the subject of the parable or skills which is what talent has come to mean in modern thought, but in all our life. Our opportunities, our time and life itself. All these gifts from God are given in stewardship and we need to give an account for how we used them.

How much better it is to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen above silver. Proverbs 16:16


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